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What makes you go?

Do you have something that gives you the butterflies in your stomach? Like the good kind of butterflies. Excited butterflies. For me, those butterflies come when I am creating. It could be a YouTube video, podcast, song, blog post, website, or even editing a photo. All these things bring me the butterflies. Yet, there was a time in my life where the butterflies never came. It unfortunately took me a while to realize why. It was February 20, 2022. A friend and I finally finished writing a song. We ran outside, jumping and cheering that we had finally done it! We had made a song! Why did it feel so good to me? It had been over 5 months since I had created anything for fun. This was a breath of fresh air. But at the time, I couldn’t figure out why. A few weeks later, I looked out the window of my dorm and saw the most beautiful scene. Large snowflakes gently glided down, kissing the ground. Slowly opening my dorm window, the silence of the snow covered world filled the room. Thirty minutes later I was hiking along a stream in a wooded snow globe. Camera in hand, I recorded the beauty and silence that God had created that day. I got the butterflies again. This time, I knew why. I wanted a consistent way to “get the butterflies” because it had been so long since I regularly got that feeling. I spent the next 5 months preparing to relaunch my podcast, Monday’s Musings. Planning the episodes and everything that goes around Monday’s Musings (like this newsletter!) gives me the butterflies. It feels so good to be able to make content again after not doing it for my entire freshman year of college. What is it that makes you go? How do you “get the butterflies?” What will you do right now to move you closer to getting the butterflies? I know one thing that does NOT give me the butterflies…and that is spending time scrolling through my phone. Listen to this month’s episode of my podcast to hear about what my coworker and I did about it.

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